Locked In Fun Escape Rooms

Locked In Fun Escape Room games are unique and interactive live-action adventures where you and your team race to solve clues and puzzles and escape before your time runs out!

Looking for a fun and unique activity that can be experienced by young and old, fast and slow, athletic and intellectuals all at the same time?  Then Locked In Fun Escape Room games are your ticket to safe, clean, adrenaline filled fun.  You can be confident that you will NOT have to deal with anything scary, gory, or Zombie like.

Escape Rooms with Flexibility

We provide multiple escape rooms to choose.  There are smaller rooms for smaller groups and large escape rooms for bigger groups.  You can also choose your level of difficulty and theme.  The times of your adventure can be shortened if you need to get groups of people through faster.

Mobile Escape Rooms

All our escape rooms are built to be taken on the road and setup at your location.  We can bring 1 or many escape rooms depending on the amount of people you have.  We can set up the escape room indoors or outdoors.  Indoors we set up in gymnasiums, conference rooms, hotels, churches, and restaurants.  Outdoors we setup in parking lots, backyards, and forest preserves.

Escape Rooms

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