Escape Room - Locked In Fun

Locked In Fun Escape Rooms is a division of The Fun Ones Entertainment. We are a faith based business with a mission to bring people together in community to create memories that will last a lifetime. Our Escape rooms are designed to do just that. You will find our escape rooms are designed for having good clean fun as a group without any zombies, scary, gory, or frightening elements. Since our roots are in mobile entertainment, we design all our escape rooms to be mobile and taken on the road when requested. This gives you the option to have us bring the entertainment to you. When we come to you, we can setup indoors in a gymnasium, conference room, hotel, church, warehouse or outdoors in a parking lot, forest preserve, backyard.

Escape Room Service Area:

If you have a large group we can come to your facility.  Since the escape room is set up with pipe and drape when it is indoors, we only need 8 foot ceilings and 15 x 15 worth of space.  We built our escape room to have flexibility to be run at 30 minute intervals or 45 minute intervals.  You choose the time interval depending on the amount of people you need to get through.  We travel throughout the Midwest to bring the escape room to you.  States we travel to include Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, and Michigan.

We have been providing entertainment to the Midwest for over 14 years and our reputation for excellence can be found all over the internet. We are located in a 15 thousand square foot facility located in Carol Stream, Il.

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